Monday, August 10, 2009

Conversations with my 2-year-old


"I got a cut on my finger ankle." (Also known as the knuckle.)


"Mommy, what are some of the situations when we might feel exasperated face?"
"Well, if we wanted to color, but all our markers were dried out, we might feel exasperated."
"And if we came home and found out that Kira ate our whole house, we might feel exasperated."
"Well... yes. Yes, we definitely would."


"Mommy, if you did poopies in your diaper, I would change you."


  1. So for today's conversation, did you mention that there may in fact come a day far in the future when she might have to? :-)

  2. Good point. ;) I will keep this commitment of hers on record for when that day comes.

  3. Hi Jenna, longtime lurger, first time poster. I have a 3 year old niece, 2 year old nephew and am a besotted Aunty. Your daughter is adorable.

    I told my niece that I hurt my neck and had to go to the doctor. Later I heard her say to her little friend 'My Aunty Sara's head fell off, but the doctor put it back on and it's looks the same as before'. Indeed.

  4. Journal those precious conversations, Jenna. Lol! Sahweet! Sarina looks happy and adorable.

    Sara, I'm laughing at your niece's comment, too funny.

  5. Kimmi, I'm almost done with her first journal book, which I've been keeping for her since the day I found out I was pregnant. I hope it becomes something precious for her.

    Sara, that's awesome. :) :) I live for those funny moments!

  6. My word, she's precocious, Jenna. What a little sweetie. Give her a big hug from Unka Chunka for me. :)

  7. That last conversation is hilarious. I love children!

  8. That first picture is too, too cute. I love that ponytail popping right up out of the center of her head. She's beautiful.

  9. Beautiful pics, Jenna She's growing up fast. They tend to do that, you know.

  10. HOW did that child get so adorable in such a short time?? And where can I get a box of Sarina like Paul's? lol

    Love ya!

    pssstt...hey, Charlie!

  11. Hi Jenna, jen.nifer here from ab write forums... just wanted to say that your daughter is GORGEOUS and her little sayings are adorable. My boy is nearly 2 in March but is not saying much yet. Can't wait til he does!

  12. I love the diaper comment! Like AstonWest said, make sure you keep that written down somewhere. : )


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