Sunday, November 11, 2007

If you want to do something nice for me...

Please, visit here:

That's Licia's blog. She runs a rescue center in Haiti.

Before I had Sarina, I felt sympathy for suffering children. Now it's a physical pain that I can barely stand. I see Henrius, the five-year-old in the video, crying... and I think of my daughter and how much it kills me to hear her cry for five minutes because she has teething pain. That boy's skin is peeling off because of malnutrition.

This is a center with 50-60 children in it at a time, not a giant company with corrupt executives. This is a place where you can actually help people save children's lives.

Licia's sister, Lori, also has a blog. She runs the medical clinic next to the rescue center, where they see about 700 patients a week. There's a PayPal link and an address to send donations here:

They're doing the heavy lifting. Let's do the easy part.

Please, spread the word. Let's make sure this center has everything they need to work miracles.