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By Cover Alone

I was cleaning out my bookshelves yesterday and looking at Andrews McMeel's fall catalogue when it jumped out at me: The Blue Day Book. A ubiquitous presence on the shelves of my local CVS, Target, Wal-Mart... and in the catalogue, I read about what a huge seller it is. This doesn't surprise me. I'm tempted to pick it up at least once a month, based on cover art alone. I have no idea what the writing inside is like. Maybe it's terrific, maybe it's so-so, but the cover art is irresistible. See for yourself: So that got me thinking-- maybe I've been going about this book stuff the wrong way. Maybe what I really need to do is to find some utterly alluring cover art first, then decide what book I can write to match it. (Okay, it's a stupid idea, but go with me on this.) Writers, consider this a prompt. Go off and find artwork on the web that you think would make a to-die-for cover, then tell me what book you'd write to match it.

The "My Words Matter" Pledge

Okay, I've found something important to do. Been a while. The word "retard" makes me physically ill like no other word possibly could. Today, I've begun asking for trouble. I'm showing up on message boards and blogs and asking people to take a pledge not to use the words "retard" or "retarded" as synonyms for "stupid." Yup. I know I'm going to get flamed. Yup. I know people really, really enjoy using the word "retard," and some people think it's just dandy to make fun of retarded people. But I'd be a lousy sister if I sat back and didn't say anything and didn't try to do something to make his world a little better. I think I'd rather get smacked for trying to do something right than to keep hoping someone else will fix this problem. I figure that someone had to be the first person to ask people to stop using the word "nigger," too. Hence this little pledge. Perhaps you'll sign it? Read i