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The Upside of CNN's Disgusting Steubenville Rape Trial Coverage

Well, yes, you knew I'd have an opinion about this one! If you've missed the hoopla, here's the abridged version: A 16-year-old girl got very drunk at a party. While she was unconscious, two boys at the party raped her, and more than a dozen party-goers watched, took pictures and videos, bribed each other to urinate on her, joked about it on Twitter, etc. The rapists were football players and the coach and town nearly let the whole thing slide, if not for this amazing blogger named Alexandria Goddard , who spent hours taking screenshots of the Twitter posts that provided evidence of what had happened and the bragging and laughing that happened after it. People were convinced she was dead and didn't care. People said she deserved to be urinated on. People laughed about the fact that she was being raped. The blogger received death threats and was sued by one of the boys who participated, because, you know... football. Again, somehow the ability to run across a fie