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Why Do the Buttheads Get Me Down?

I don't know what's wrong with me some days. I can read 100 nice letters or reviews or whatever and one negative one, and the negative one is always the one that sticks with me. Stories of Strength has been a terrific experience, and every day I'm excited to see how much we've raised (more than $2100 so far, in just two weeks); which of our writers have been featured in newspapers, on the radio, or on TV; who's mentioned SoS on their blogs... And even with this project, there had to be a butthead. Today's butthead is over here . (No, no, not the first poster!) This blows my mind. Geoff is actually purposely advising people not to support this project because it might help Americans. And because he believes it's rooted in "Christian love." You know, I hear about how people outside the US hate Americans. I will never forget hearing about two Parisian girls watching TV in a cafe with a friend of mine on the morning of 9/11, and when they heard about t

Stories of Strength

Hmm. It's been a while, mostly because I've been consumed with a crazy self-imposed deadline. See, right after Hurricane Katrina struck, a bunch of writers on my message boards were feeling pretty miserable because we couldn't afford to donate much to the relief efforts. So I suggested that we write an anthology and send all the proceeds to disaster relief charities. I believe we began collecting submissions on September 1st. We released the book on November 1st. Not bad, huh? We chose to publish through, and they decided to donate their profits from the book, as well. In the first three days of its release, we've raised more than $1000 for disaster relief charities! As you can imagine, I'm kind of giddy. And as Barbra would say, "We've only just begun..." (Well, she'd sing it. But I'm no Barbra.) Point is, I know I specifically said I don't want to have my promotional hat on in this blog, but this is different. This one's not