Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Sarina pics

Mmm! This is the best teething biscuit I've ever had.

I got my hair bow from Mama's Girls Bows over here.

I got my flower clip from Bow Baby Bow over here.

Today, Santa Claus was in my very own house. I wasn't quite sure what to make of him, but he turned out to be pretty cool. He gave me peach puffs.

I love standing. I thought sitting was cool, but man, standing is so awesome. You should try it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When she shares

Sarina is learning things at an astonishing rate right now-- I feel like she's in the middle of another of these "milestone madness" weeks. Among other things, she is now calling the cat "ca." She doesn't yet know that I'm "mama" (she uses the word "mama" all the time, but doesn't associate it particularly with me), but she knows the cat. You know what's funny? I totally predicted that. She's so in love with my cat. I guessed a while back that her first real word would be "cat," (or "kitty," which is what I usually call her).

The beautiful thing, though, is that she's learned to share. She will feed her mommy one of her peach puffs, or share her gummed-up biscuit with me. I never would have thought that I would have accepted a half-eaten teething biscuit from another human being, but you know? When it's your baby, it's just not gross. It's beautiful. Last night, we took turns. She fed me one bite (and cracked up), then took a bite herself, and so on. It was the greatest.

And because I clearly have the greatest little person on the planet, it did not seem at all unreasonable that I managed to spend the better portion of two days searching online for just the RIGHT tutu to buy her for Christmas. I still haven't found it. I've been all over Etsy and eBay, and I'm hopeful that I might have found a woman who can custom-make one for us in just the look I like (classic light pink, nice and full, mid-length). I think it's entirely possible that I will die of cuteness overload when I see her in one. I also don't yet have a Christmas stocking for her (and I want a gorgeous personalized one), so if anyone has suggestions, please post 'em!

Diaper changes are getting tougher and tougher-- she will NOT lie down, and works up a pretty good fit now when she wants to-- so I've finally learned a trick. She loves her sign language DVDs, so I now move the changing pad into the living room in front of the TV and turn on the DVD when she's being really rough. It's as if I've just given her a tranquilizer. She lies there TOTALLY COMPLACENT, totally calm, for as long as that DVD is on. I could go visit with a neighbor and not even worry that she'd move from that changing pad (shush! I wouldn't!). That was my mom's idea when I called to say that the poop was just going to have to stay in Sarina's diaper forever, because I couldn't fathom a way to change her short of something involving a lot of rope and chewing gum.

This little girl has me sooo wrapped around her little finger. Even when it's covered in mashed peas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Me and My Girl (and Marilyn)

I'm hoping and hoping to finish the Marilyn Monroe first draft before Christmas. I'm not sure if it's possible yet, but I'm going to try.

I've interviewed a number of people for it, but am still trying hard for several others. Did you know Gina Lollobrigida and Marilyn were good friends? I'm trying to reach her, and Eli Wallach, and her singing coach, and... well, about 50 others who haven't yet answered me. Time is getting tight. I have enough material already, but it would add a lot to the book if I could speak to people who don't ordinarily speak about Marilyn. I'm aiming to get interesting little anecdotes from people who met her along the way somewhere, even in very limited capacities. (Psst, know anyone who knew Marilyn Monroe? I'll be your BFF.)

I'm so distractable about the actual writing, though. Every night, I tell myself I'll do nothing but write, but I have irresistible impulses to do stupid things online. Like, does eBay have any new finger puppets today? (I already bought Sarina the Wizard of Oz set for Christmas. How many finger puppets does one baby need?)

I wasn't always like this. But I'm still getting my work done. It just means I'm staying up until a million o'clock. I don't really kick into gear until 2 a.m., so to work for a few hours means I'm really messing up my sleep hours. I sure hope I get this figured out before Sarina's in kindergarten. I may have to really cut myself off from all my online time-wasters.