What was your favorite birthday?

Christine over at the blog From Dates to Diapers is having a birthday bash this week, and as is the nature of cool people, giving other people presents for her birthday.

One of the ways to win is to respond to her blog prompts, and I'm going to take her up on this one-- an unforgettable birthday surprise.

I was in college. My roommate had a thing about birthdays-- she always wanted to make sure that no one was forgotten on their birthdays, even if they were people on the floor who we didn't know very well. I thought that was a special thing about her. Can't remember now whether or not she actually bought everyone little presents... I think it was just a card, but still. Most of the people on our floor were freshmen, away from home for the first time, and knowing someone remembered your birthday is a good thing.


I had a favorite a cappella band at school. I'm kind of an a cappella junkie, if you must know. But The Dear Abbeys were the ones I actually followed around like a proper little groupie. (But I never threw undergarments on stage, honest.)

On my birthday in my junior year, my roommate convinced me that a good friend of ours was having his artwork exhibited in one of the buildings on campus, so we all traipsed over to see. To get to this supposed gallery exhibit, we had to walk through a performance hall where the Dear Abbeys were rehearsing. I said something like, "Oh, no, we can't disrupt them." They said there was no other way to get to the room, so we tried to walk through very, very quietly.

When the singers broke out in "Happy Birthday," it still took me a minute to realize that this had been arranged for me. A private concert! I don't think I could have been happier had it been, say, Sting. It was a real rush and a real honor.

I think all my favorite gifts have been ones of effort and time, more than money. There's something so nice about knowing you have the kinds of friends who are paying attention, who understand exactly what it is that could make you feel wonderful.

So... you're up next. Got a favorite birthday surprise?

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