My kissyface

She now pulls out the book she wants me to read, hands it to me, then sits on my lap. Then, as I turn pages, she kisses the characters she likes. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst.

Normally, she doesn't kiss actual people yet-- though I did trick her into kissing my hand and she spontaneously kissed my arm one morning-- but she kisses pictures and clothing pretty often. Her favorite book remains Don't Be So Nosy, Posy, and she loves kissing the pig and cow in that book.

She says about 30 words now; Elmo, purple, cookie, and neigh are some of the more recent ones. And she's making up some of her own sign language. One is driving me bats: she'll sign "eat," and I'll ask, "Are you hungry?" Then she'll do this very weird sign she made up-- she clasps the fingers on her right hand together and turns her hand upside down and sticks it over one eye. What in Zeus's name is that supposed to mean? I can narrow it down-- it's not cereal, milk, cheese, or cookie (she knows the signs or words for those). So I'm guessing it's one of her other favorite foods or drink: yogurt, crackers, bread, juice, or Peach Puffs. But she hasn't told me yet.

A new pic that I'm in love with. Warm weather means outdoors photos. Yay!

Between this photo and the one below it, which is your favorite?

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