Random Story Day

The rule is, if you read this, you have to tell me a random story from your life, too.

Too late! You're already reading it! Those are the rules!

Okay, my random story for today...

On spring break from college, my roommate and I were being hit on fairly incessantly, as college ladies on spring break tend to be, and were tired of it. One man walked up to us and tried to start a conversation, and my roommate faked a peculiar accent and said, "No speak English."

He asked, "What language do you speak?"

"Swahili," she said. It seemed a pretty safe choice. Right until the moment when he said...

"Ndio! Ninazungumza Kiswahili."

The guy spoke Swahili.

We stammered something stupid and left. Poor guy. But we learned out lesson... from then on, we claimed to speak only Norwegian.

Your turn.


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