Writers' Guidelines for Parenting Magazines, National and Regional

I'm updating my book Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer, and in doing so, I'm looking for the most reliable writers' guidelines databases to recommend. Writer's Market (www.writersmarket.com) is kept current and is an excellent source, but there are lots of markets they don't feature, too. So I've spent much of today looking around at the online market guides, spot-checking their parenting sections to see if their links are updated. What a disappointment... found very few current ones. What are your favorite online market guides?

Anyway, I don't plan to keep this post updated for any length of time, either, but just for the heck of it, I'm going to link here to all the parenting magazine guidelines I come across as I'm surfing tonight. Regional parenting magazines are a great place to sell reprints. Enjoy!

("But how," you may ask, "How, Jenna, can I ever repay you for this great list?" See those books over there on the right? Buy one! Buy ten! I wrote them and they're good!)
  1. ADDitude: About attention deficit disorder in children and adults (pay rates not disclosed for articles and blogs)

  2. Adoptive Families: (modest payment) 

  3. Arizona Parenting: For Phoenix and surrounding communities (variable pay for originals, $25-50 for reprints)

  4. Atlanta Parent: ("nominal" payment)

  5. Babble: online magazine (pays about $150 for features)

  6. Baby Corner: online magazine ($.01/word for essays, .02/word for articles)

  7. Birmingham Parent: Alabama print magazine (buys FNASR, accepts reprints, pay not specified)

  8. Brain, Child: national magazine (pays "modest fees")

  9. Carolina Parent: North Carolina's greater Triangle area (feature rates start at $50, accepts reprints, buys one-time print rights and online rights)

  10. Central Penn Parent: Pennsylvania print magazine ($50-125 for originals, $35 for reprints)

  11. Charlotte Parent: North Carolina ($45-125 for originals, $15-35 for reprints) 

  12. Chesapeake Family: ($75-200 for originals, $35 for reprints)

  13. Chicago Parent: Local writers only ($25-50 for short articles, $50-100 for essays, $100 and up for features. Doesn't buy reprints.)

  14. Columbus Parent: (for Central Ohio writers only)

  15. The Dabbling Mum ($10-40 for originals, $0-15 for reprints)

  16. Family Fun: Disney's national parenting magazine ($1.25/word)

  17. Georgia Family: ($20-60 for originals, $10-30 for reprints) 

  18. The Green Parent: UK-based print magazine (pays £75 per 1000 words) 

  19. Hudson Valley Parent: ($80-120 for originals, $25-35 for reprints)

  20. The Imperfect Parent: online magazine (pays $10 for reviews, $25 for features and essays)

  21. Indy's Child: Indianapolis (pays $.10-.15/word for originals, $40-75 for reprints)

  22. Island Parent: Vancouver, Candada ($35 for print rights, additional $25 for e-rights)

  23. MetroFamily magazine: Central Oklahoma ($25-50, accepts reprints, prefers local writers)

  24. Metro Parent: Southeast Michigan (up to $350 for features, $35 for reprints)

  25. MomSense: Christian moms of preschoolers (all articles on spec, pays on publication, unknown rates)

  26. New Jersey Family: (pays about $.10/word for originals, $25-50 for reprints, $5-15 for blog posts) 

  27. NOLA Baby and Family (discuss pay with editor, pays $25 kill fee, accepts reprints)

  28. NY Metro Parent: NYC and Long Island parenting magazines (it's just a contact page, but they pay up to $50)

  29. Ohio Family (pays $35-200, accepts reprints)

  30. Orlando Family: Florida magazine ($50-75 for originals, $25-40 for reprints)

  31. Parent Connect: Part of Christianity Today ($50-150 for exclusive online rights)

  32. Parenting: national glossy ($1/word and up)

  33. ParentLife: Evangelical Christian publication (pays, but pay rate not specified)

  34. ParentMap: Puget Sound area (pays negotiable rates for first American print and electronic rights)

  35. Parents: national glossy ($1.50/word and up)

  36. Parents and Kids: Mississippi ($25 and up for reprints and originals) 

  37. Piedmont Parent: Part of Carolina Parenting ($35-110/article, accepts reprints) 

  38. Portland Family: (no reprints, variable pay for originals)

  39. PTO Today: magazine about parent-teacher organizations (pays $150-700)

  40. Raising Arizona Kids: Arizona writers only ($25 and up for departments, $150 and up for features, all rights) 

  41. Rutherford Parent, Nashville Parent, Sumner Parent, and Williamson Parent: Tennessee (pays negotiable fees for Work-for-Hire rights, $35 for reprints) 

  42. Sacramento Parent : ($50-200 for originals, $25-45 for reprints)

  43. San Diego Family Magazine (pays on publication, rates not specified)

  44. Seattle's Child: (pays $75-450)

  45. Simply Family: Billings, Montana (rates vary, accepts reprints)

  46. Today's Parent: Canada monthly magazine (favors Canadian writers, pays $700-2000 for features) 

  47. Treasure Valley Family: Idaho magazine (pay varies, FNASR, accepts reprints)

  48. True North: Central Oregon parenting magazine (pay rates vary)

  49. Western New York Family (pays $35-200)

  50. Working Mother: print magazine and blogs


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