BlissLights: The Easiest Christmas Lights Ever

On Halloween, we admired a neighbor's house-- it was lit up with thousands of tiny green lights. Looked a lot like this:
BlissLights Outdoor Indoor Firefly Light Projector with TimerOn first glance, it looked like she had hung icicle lights all over the house, but when we got closer, we realized the lights were projected from a small device on the edge of her walkway: "BlissLights," it read.

I asked the woman who owned the house about it and she said, "Aren't they great? I found them on QVC. When it's Christmas time, I just add the red lights, too."

Not only did I think it looked great-- like stars in the night sky-- but it dawned on me that this was exactly what I wanted for my new house. This marks my first year as a single homeowner, and it hasn't gone as smoothly as one might hope in my situation... mold in the kitchen cabinets, a contractor who ruined my floor, a broken washing machine, no heat... the problems have seemed never-ending, and most of them are beyond my abilities to fix. I pride myself on being a quasi-handy woman, and thought I'd be able to handle most of my house stuff myself. Nope. I've been outsmarted again and again when it comes to electrical, plumbing, and other major issues, and I've had a mix of honest and dishonest contractors here. Seems that when they realize they're dealing with a single mom, about half of them decide to be generous and helpful and the other half think, "I can get away with anything! There's no man here to check my work."

Anyway, now that the holidays are rolling around, the last thing I could do was to hire someone else to come hang my Christmas lights for me-- and I was not up for climbing a ladder to reach my second-story roof. Honestly, I've done the lights every year in every house I've rented, but they've always been single-story houses and it's still been my least-favorite Christmas chore. I don't like being on a ladder. I don't like figuring out how to program the timer, or remembering to turn on and off the lights every night. I don't like taking the lights back down in the bitter cold of January. I don't like the whole process, but I do it because I have an awesome little daughter and I want her to live in a house full of Christmas spirit. I don't want to be the Grinch of the block with no beautiful lights.

But this. This is amazeballs.

Let me tell you how you set up BlissLights: 

You plug it in.

That's it.

Not only do you get to avoid the whole ladder thing and stringing lights thing, but you even get to avoid the timer-- when you plug it in, it automatically remembers the time you plugged it in and it stays on for six hours every night starting at the time you originally plugged it in. So if you plug it in at 5 p.m., your lights will go on every night from 5-11 p.m. If you decide you don't like the time you originally plugged it in, all you do is unplug it and replug it at the time you DO want it to come on.

It's weatherproof and comes with a stake to stake it into the ground wherever you choose. You can light up the outside or inside of your house, your landscaping, a big tree, whatever. The green light is the brightest and shows up best; blue is the next best, and red won't show well on landscaping. BlissLights sent me the green Spright to review. It can cover an area up to 25' by 25', so you might need just one (like me) or you might need more than one for full coverage.


Now for the even cooler part. BlissLights is also going to give one of my readers the same light they gave me-- the green Spright, which is currently backordered.

Hey, thanks, BlissLights!

Enter now through 11:59 p.m. EST on December 9, and I'll announce the winner on December 10. Here's how to enter:



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Good luck!

Where to find BlissLights:


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