Never Ever Give Up: Two For One!

This is pretty sweet... Barnes & Noble is going to be featuring Never Ever Give Up: The Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars on their "New Release" tables in their big stores from September 9-22, and they're also recommending it as a Top Teen Pick! (Thanks, Barnes & Noble!) That's pretty huge for us-- and to celebrate, Jessie's dad Erik is offering an amazing deal:

Take a picture of the book at Barnes & Noble. Buy a copy and send him the picture. (I don't want to list his email address here and subject him to spammers, so instead I'll tell you to write to him through the website: In return, now through the 22nd, he will send you a signed copy FREE! So you get to keep one and give one to a friend.

If you want to make sure it's available near you, check Barnes & Noble here:

Next to the "Add to Bag" button is a link that says "Pick Up in Store." Click that and it'll ask for your zip code to check the inventory of stores near you. 

If we can sell a lot of copies between now and the 22nd, we'll have a good shot of making bestseller lists, which would be amazing for the foundation and a lifelong dream of mine. Please help us by forwarding this along and sharing this great offer... because, really, you get a great book, your friend gets a great book, you help kids with cancer... IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THAT! ;)

*I'd also like to thank our publisher, Zondervan. Most people probably aren't aware of this, but authors know-- it costs the publishers money to get books onto those front tables and endcaps at big bookstore chains. They call it "co-op" marketing. Basically, the bookstore has to agree that the book is worth putting there and has a good chance of being a big seller, and the publisher has to pay for the placement. So it's a pretty nice compliment for an author when your book ends up there-- means that both the publisher and the bookstore had to agree that the book has big potential!


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