New baby pics, and the lump

Dawno asked for them. And what Dawno wants, Dawno gets. (I fear her sparkly powers.)

And this one's for psychic Amy Derby, who predicted a few posts ago that Sarina would crawl backwards first. The next day, I took this:

Yep, that's Sarina stuck under the couch. How she accomplished that is beyond me.

More photos coming soon.

Oh, and by the way, no one ever told me how absolutely tear-your-heart-out miserable it is when your child gets her first injury... on your watch. Sarina is still trying her darnedest to crawl, and she's very mobile now (even if the crawling isn't technically accurate). She sort of just hurls herself forward, dragging her head most of the time. Or she gets up all the way with her butt in the air, leans forward, flops down, and repeats until she reaches the desired toy.

Like this:

Anyway, she was doing this and getting too close to her Pack & Play, so I was spotting her and putting my hand over the plastic bottom piece. Then she suddenly changed course, decided to try to sit up, and smacked her head on the side of the Pack & Play higher than where my hand was protecting.

Almost immediately, a red lump formed on her forehead. A big one. And I wanted to flog myself a thousand times. I was melted bubble gum on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Thank goodness, she was fine and the lump mostly went away within a few hours. But now I want to cover the entire house in foam and cotton balls. (No, no, cotton balls are a choking hazard. I'd have to sew them all together and cover them in foam.)

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