An incomplete list of things that make my baby laugh

1. When I touch her nose and shout, "BOOP!"
2. When I talk like Donald Duck.
3. When I lie on my back and put her on my knees and help her "fly."
4. When I kiss her feet.
5. When I raspberry or kiss her belly.
6. When I whisper "shooshooshooshoo" and turn my head back and forth (um, maybe you have to see this one in person. It's a laugh riot).
7. When Anthony sings "Cotton Eyed Joe."
8. When she's sucking her pacifier and I pretend to suck the handle end.
9. When I imitate the way she grabs my face and slobbers on my cheek.
10. When I use hand puppets.
11. When I lie behind the cat and pretend the cat is saying "BEEP."
12. When I kiss from cheek to cheek as fast as I can a quazillion times.
13. When I slap my face like the Home Alone poster.
14. When I make it look like any toy is flying toward her nose.
15. When I quietly pop up on the side of her crib, surprising her.
16. When I move her around in a circle, imitating a ferris wheel.
17. The vowel sound "eee."
18. Whenever the cat looks her in the eye.
19. When Anthony plays the "tent game," where he drops a sheet over her and lifts it off (making a quasi-tent) over and over.

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