I'll tell you what's a little surreal...

...to see something about Nick Markowitz on TMZ. I tend to forget that this is a "media-interest" case because it's become very personal to me. But it was a movie, and stuff that gets made into movies... winds up on TMZ, I suppose.

It's just an odd clashing of cultures. I watch TMZ and other such entertainment shows from time to time when I need to completely turn off my brain and feel jealous of some celebrity in a bikini, or feel smug because I have my life put together better than Amy Winehouse and have not yet had my nose fractured by walking into scenery at the Tony awards. I check in on Brangelina's brood and find out what antics Richard Simmons is up to.

I don't go there to find out about a 15-year-old murder victim. And when I saw an online caption, I secretly worried-- were they going to say something tasteless as usual? Nope-- just the quick facts about Jesse James Hollywood's guilty verdict. What a relief. Same with the other entertainment sites; they mostly just reported it straight, aside from a little discussion about how none of this would have happened if Jesse James Hollywood had a name like George Smith.

The Honoring Nick Markowitz Facebook group is closing in on 1000 members in just about 2 weeks. I'm so glad it's bringing his family some happiness to see that people are remembering Nick.


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