Adventures in iPodding

I finished a book yesterday. God, I love those days! So now I'm not working on three books at once... just two.

I try to find a way to reward myself when I finish a book-- usually, Anthony and I go out to dinner or something, but I finished this one at about 5:30 in the morning, and he went fishing, so I tried to think of how to 'reward' myself alone. Decided to get reaquainted with my own property.

We have a pond in front that we dug and stocked with about 8 fish a few years ago. For the past two years, when the pond unfreezes in the early spring, we've found lots and lots of baby fish. So I got a breakfast sandwich from the deli, then sat on my front steps with my iPod and ate and watched the baby fish swim around. And, surprise! We have three frogs in there, too. We've never had frogs before.

Then I went inside and got some bread to feed the ducks in the lake. Normally, I bring two slices, but yesterday I got generous and brought three. Took me a long time to get any fowl creature's attention-- I think it's mating season. I stood there nearly falling into the water because I was flailing my arms and trying to hurl the bread as far as possible so they'd notice it. Finally, two swans and a ton of geese came by and I sang Erasure's album "The Innocents" to them. They were a very captive audience, which certainly couldn't have been because I was holding food.

I cry for your heart of sto-o-one...
Oh baby, refrain... from breakin' my hea-a-a-art

Also, my dreams this week have featured:
The entire cast of Seinfeld
Brad Pitt
and Katherine McPhee, who turned evil. It was the Idol finals, down to her and a guy-- I think it was Chris-- and she was backstabbing him in the media.

Damn this celebrity-obsessed society! It's making my dreams really shallow!

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