My Sophomore Attempt at Meme-ing

Dawno, the lovely lady who runs the Blogging board at Absolute Write, posts an AW Monday Meme every week, and because I've never figured out what this blog is supposed to be about, I haven't jumped in and done them. Well, how am I ever going to find out what my blog is supposed to be if I don't play with it a bit more? So here we have...

The AW Hair Meme

1. What length do you currently keep your hair?

Long-ish. See pic of me with iPod. But this is actually fairly short for me.

2. Is that different from 5 years ago? 10? How about when you were a teen?

I've always had long hair, save for one embarrassing poodle perm chin-length bob when I was 12-14. At its longest, it's hit my butt. At its usual length, it's not quite halfway down my back.

Here's a pic of my brother dancing with me at my engagement party almost 4 years ago...

3. What color is it naturally?

<---- See there. Very dark brown.

4. If you color your hair do you like to go for natural or colorful (like pink or blue, etc.)

I really like outrageous colors, but it's been a long time since I did that. High school, college, and right after college were much more Crayola-colored for me, thanks to Manic Panic.

5. Ever done something really dumb with your hair?( I’m thinking back to the poodle perm I had once…)

Ah! See what I just said? Poodle perm. Dawno and I are bad hair mistake twins.

That, and Sun In, when I was in my early teens. I sprayed that stuff in my hair every day and sat out in the sun, and my hair turned to frizzy, orangey, brittle straw within a month. Took forever to grow out.

Just a couple of months ago, I accidentally dyed my hair orange, but that's washed out pretty quickly.

6. What about the hair of a mate or date do you/would you find attractive?

I've tended to go for long-haired men. Anthony had a ponytail until just a few months ago. It's still long for a guy, but it used to be longer than mine sometimes.

I really, really like the just-over-the-eyes length on guys. And I like guys with blue hair.

7. Do you have a long standing relationship with a hairstylist or barber? If so, why? If not, why not?

Totally not. I went so many years without a haircut when I was agoraphobic, and that's one of the few things I can still get panic attacky about. Sitting in the haircutter's chair freaks me out because once you sit down, you can't leave for a good long while. And there are all these strong smells. And if you feel like you're going to puke, you have to tell the haircutter that you need to go to the bathroom, which sparks all these old feelings of humiliation when I was afraid to tell a teacher I had to go to the bathroom in elementary school, so I would wait as long as possible, until I was going to die, and one time I threw up in the hallway, and...

What were we talking about?

Damn, I still have issues, don't I?

8. What celebrity hair do you like best? Least?

I'll go with Melina Kanakaredes for girl-hair, and Brad Pitt in "A River Runs Through It" for guy-hair, with Hayden Christensen in "Life as a House" coming in second.

See? Blue.

Celeb unfavorites? Um. I'll try not to be a poop, and just say that I normally dislike short hair on women, and poofy hair on men.

9. What hair fad of the past do you think was the silliest?

Tails! Or bi-level cuts for men.

10. If a hair genie gave you one hair wish, what would you wish for?

Less frizzy, more smoothy.

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