Baby Loves Books

I forgot to mention this yesterday: I'm quite pleased to announce that Sarina is in love with board books. Whereas earlier, she mostly just tried to eat them (I even had a much-repeated motto for her: "Books are for reading, not for eating!"), now she flips the pages, looks at the pictures, touches the touchy spots, and listens while I read. It's the coolest.

Every day, several times a day, she goes over to her bookshelf and takes all the books down (yes, cleaning up after her is a bit tiresome). She finds one or two to focus on, then we read them. Her favorites are Don't Be So Nosy, Posy and Rainbow Rob. I'm glad, because honestly, I don't "get" some of the more popular ones-- like I Love You, Little One: "I love you as the river loves you," it says, and I want to scream, "No! The river is an inanimate object! It has no capacity for love. I love you waaay more than the river loves you!" And each "I love you as the ___ loves you" is so repetitive in meaning: giving you food, giving you shelter, giving you water. No, these are not the proofs of love. Giving an infant food and shelter is just a responsibility. It's the time you spend building towers so she can knock them down that shows you love her. No river is gonna do that!

*Cough.* Sorry.

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