Steps Away from the Finish Line

and I'm stalled again. Here I am, over word count, at the end of the Marilyn Monroe book, and I've been stuck for two days trying to think of an ending. I've already written about her death. Now how to close it? Everything I can think of seems too obvious and anticlimactic. "Lookit, all these years later, she's still such a legend... her legacy lives on... blah blah."

Other biographers have wound it up with a really good quote or anecdote, which is what I'd like to do, but I don't have one that seems fitting as an ending.

She's been in my dreams nearly every night. It's interesting... I don't remember ever dreaming so much about a book subject before. I think it's because I keep going to bed with my own little conversation with her in my head-- I ask her how she'd want me to write this book, what the truth is, how she'd want to be remembered. I guess it's sort of a prayer.


Here is the shot I caught of Sarina walking yesterday:

And a pic of her after I blow-dried her hair... I didn't mean for it to be so bouffant, but it's also kind of neat that it's now long enough to be so bouffant!

It's actually turning curly, but I keep brushing it straighter because the curls stick up funny at this length, especially after naps!

That's Teething Bling she's chewing on... she's mighty fond of it.

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