Sometimes I am Stunningly Stupid

So, I went to a thrift store yesterday and bought a couple of outfits for Sarina and some foam alphabet tiles-- the kind you put on the floor. I was very excited about this purchase: costs $25 new, but I got it for just $3! Yay, me!, I'm thinking. Sure, they were a bit dirty, but nothing a sponge and soap won't fix.

An hour and 11 minutes into the scrubbing, I thought perhaps there might have been a better use of my time.

That's when I began calculating. The gas money it took to drive BACK to the thrift store today when I realized I left these fabulous alphabet tiles on their counter. The sponge I used up while washing my brains out. The soap. The hot water for an hour and 17 minutes (which eventually went cold and turned my pruny hands to ice). The fact that I could have written something during that hour and 17 minutes that would have earned more than the $22 difference in prices. The fact that there are still pen marks I couldn't remove.

And then. Then, there was this.

This is one of those "Find 3 things wrong with this picture" games. Can you find the three things that are missing from this picture?

Yes, that's right. Three LETTERS are missing from this alphabet! A, L, and M, if you must know.

I need a cookie.

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