She knows her parts!

I think Sarina's been holding out on me.

There's this book, Your Baby Can Read! My First Words, a "slide & learn" book-- you slide the windows to see pictures of the words. Anyway, she's really into that book. She slides the windows across herself, and lately, she's been acting out the actions in the photos. For example, the word "hi," or "clapping," or "book." She waves at the girl who says hi, she claps along with the babies, and she does the sign for "book" when she sees the picture of the girl reading. It's been amazing, and again, all at once. She reacts to about 8 of the 30 photos so far.

So, we were looking through at some of the words she hadn't yet reacted to (like "eyes" and "ears"), and I said, "Where are Sarina's eyes?"

And she pointed to them. I almost fell over.

"Where are Sarina's ears?"

Duh, right here, Mommy.

Head? Check. Mouth? Got it.

She didn't react to "nose" right away, but then I asked where Mommy's nose was, and she pointed right to it.

You know what this means?


(Yes, leave it to me to find the selfish interpretation of this amazing event. But I was never sure if she knew "Mommy" was me before!)

This girl totally knows stuff. Stuff I had no idea she had already learned.

Also, she has two more bottom teeth, for a grand total of eight so far.

And I love her even more than ever.

P.S. For those in Canada, I've done two tapings for Celine Dion specials lately: one for the Star! network, and one for E! True Hollywood Stories. I think they're both to air in the spring or summer, but I'll give details when I find out. The E! one may also air in the U.S. and other countries later.

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